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What makes this furnishings and design boutique unique.

Personalized Design

We think its super fun to work with clients in discovering their needs and wants. We create personal designs that reflect the feeling you want to experience and enjoy in your spaces. And, most of what sell is custom so we defiantly won’t push you into an overstocked sofa we’ve had for three years just to move it; like some other folks around these parts.


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1 2 3 Turn-Key Design

Furnishing and design from custom drapes to pots and pans….We’ve taken the multitude of steps and processes of designing and planning the furnishing of your home and compressed them into 3 steps for you. For a flat fee, we provide a full outline of our scope of work and our relationship together to provide a turn key service for your home.

Style and Design Re-Fresh

Whether you are looking to update a vacation home or want to redo your master bedroom suite, for a flat fee per room, we provide a semi-custom design and implementation for your space. So you can rest easy and live happily. *Perfect for those who need to refresh an area in your personal home or for those looking to increase rentals.


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Indehouse: honored as We were chosen to design the Outer Banks first Southern Living showcase home - just sayin'

Indehouse is family owned and operated by Keely Owens and her husband Steve whom also works as a general contractor for OBRC in the lovely Outer Banks of NC. They have work side by side on many local residential projects and enjoy the creativity they share when ever possible.

Keely really enjoys her work in interior design, almost as much as she loves being buyer! She looks forward to new challenges in plan alteration, living-space creation, and

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  • space planing
  • color palette
  • unique furnishings and finds
  • design psychology - its a real thing


The stuff that dream homes are made of...or things that make you really comfy or hides your things
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Classic Modern Retro
We search high and lo for the best lighting manufacturers because lighting is everything…shed a little light love on your home
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wall coverings

Classy Artwork Current Wallpaper
As a fine arts major whats on the wall is a reflection of whats within-its important. We carry art production lines that rival originals and the wallpaper – thats a whole ‘other ballgame of impressive.
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Custom created and fine-finished ready to ship
We know theres a need for a specific sofa- style, size, fabric, design and we have that. We are also were that theres a need for gotta have it now really cool sofas and chairs and we have that too
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Case goods

Lock stocked and ready / Custom finished
the best most unique pieces you will ever find

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